The goodness of the tradition
Filone Integrale PANEM

Common wheat loaf

It is the traditional bread, suitable for all occasions, made only with common wheat loaf grew in Italy obtained by integrated and sustainable farming, following strict rules of production.

Durum wheat loaf

A bread that has a strong taste, keeps the rotundness and the color of the Italian good durum wheat. The intense flavor is completed by the mother yeast and the extra virgin olive oil.

Filone di Grano Duro
Filone Integrale PANEM

Whole wheat flour loaf

The whole wheat flour derived from soft wheat “full body” ground let the consumer appreciate in each slice of bread all fibers and germs and to take natural energy in a balance way.

Soft wheat no salty loaf

A delicate unsalted loaf, is the ideal bread for those who appreciate a low sodium diet and suitable to create contrast with tasteful foods.

Filone di Grano Duro
Filone Integrale PANEM

7 grain loaf

Rich in taste thanks to a clever mix of 7 cereals, composed by soft slices that preserve in a natural way all nutritional properties and the quality of the raw material.

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